Parramatta Light Rail – Stage 2

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Stop 60 Storey Towers

A 60-storey tower is proposed for Macquarie Park and Ryde Council is supporting it.

The Meriton Group will put four towers of 27, 30, 45 and 60 storeys at 112 Talavera Rd. This would amount to 1,256 new residential apartments in Macquarie Park without adequate community infrastructure.

Council’s planning laws currently restrict development to 30 storeys at this site – the development is double what the current laws allow.

To put this in context, this Meriton tower will be the tallest building between Sydney and the Blue Mountains. The second-tallest building in Sydney behind Centre Point Tower stands at 55 storeys.

Please sign this petition to stop this outrageous over-development. Both myself and Councillor Jordan Lane will keep you informed of when community consultation opens and closes, as well as any further updates.

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