How I Can Help

Mobile Office

Since 2008, Mobile Offices have let me listen to the issues that are relevant to our community. Mobile Offices ensure that I am informed about what is important to Ryde’s seniors, families, commuters and small businesses.

If you see me at a shopping centre, a café or a train station, come and say Hi or sit down for a chat. I’m here for you and I’m here to listen.

How I Can Help You

  • Represent you in Parliament
  • Advocate for more resources for our community
  • Advocate against overdevelopment
  • Take your concerns directly to the appropriate Minister or Department for a response
  • Connect you with community services that can assist you
  • Advise you of your rights and avenues of further action you may care to take
  • Work with you to achieve positive outcomes and to make democracy work for us all

Your State Parliament Member Deals With:

  • Ageing & disability
  • Main roads
  • Public housing
  • Primary, secondary and TAFE education
  • Health, dental & public hospitals
  • Fair trading
  • Attorney General
  • Police
  • Community services
  • Emergency services
  • Industrial relations
  • Land & water management
  • Local government
  • National parks
  • Primary industries